Auditing Services

Auditing a part of a financial statement or an element of the organization’s activities in accordance with the international standards is a part of the holistic procedures to ensure the provision of the proper service to clients in addition to the required advice and judgement to achieve the organization’s objectives.Feasibility Studies

Audit Services in Dubai
Being one of the leading audit firms in Dubai, we offer audit and assurance service to all kinds of businesses from all sectors (construction, advertising, banks, offshore companies) regulated by the Dubai Economic Department and based anywhere in Dubai including the free zones—Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai World Central, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), TECOM, Media City, Dubai Internet City, etc. Some of the best CPAs in Dubai are part of our team, who also handle VAT accounting for its impending implementation on the first day of January 2018, payroll and HR solutions for all your HR duties and payroll processes that need to be done, and bookkeeping and accounting services for your accounting necessities.

Audit Services in Abu Dhabi
All industries in any part of Abu Dhabi even in the free zones, namely Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Abu Dhabi Zones Corp, Abu Dhabi Ports Company, Abu Dhabi Global Market, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City, and TwoFour54, are all welcome to take advantage of our free consultation with regard to audit and assurance services as we are also one of the leading audit firms in Abu Dhabi. Also, we can assure you that the service will be overseen by a CPA in Dubai who has various experiences in the matter.

Audit Services in Sharjah
Being one of the major audit firms in Sharjah as well, we extend our services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to this Emirate. From the mainland to free zones—Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone), USA Regional Trade Center Free Zone—, our audit and assurance services are offered to each kind of firm that needs to know the current state of their company to benefit them in having their business grow with international standards. The best CPA in Dubai from our team will certainly handle your affairs meticulously as you expect us to.

Audit Services in Fujairah
Our audit and assurance services can cover all kinds of business fields regardless if they are in the mainland or free zones (Creative City Fujairah, Fujairah Free Zone) or even an offshore company, making sure that you are complying with the important matters and anything with regard to government regulations.

Since we are one of the leading accounting firms in UAE, our services are available to all the seven Emirates of the UAE. Our team is composed of some of the best accountants and auditors in UAE, making us part of the list of top audit firms in Dubai.

Some of the Types of Audit We Offer…

Internal Audit (Operational Audit)
There are various types of audit performed in the organizations of Dubai. Internal audit or as known as operational audit gives the organization an assurance with regard to the effectiveness when it comes to internal controls, risk management, and governance in achieving the company’s objectives. Internal audit requires a certified internal auditor who reviews and assesses the process of a business—a thorough examination of an organizations’ goals, planning processes, procedures, and results of the operations of a business.

External Audit (Financial Audit)
External audit or as known as financial audit deals with the analyzation of a company’s financial affairs. This is the most common type of audit. External audit is about investigating the financial statements of an organization by an external auditor to establish truth and fairness.

Statutory Audit
Statutory audit is a legally required assessment of a company’s or a government’s financial data, establishing its accuracy. Statutory audit serves the same purpose as any other audit in that it analyses financial information such as financial transactions and records.

ATM ReemAlnuaimiAuditing : Leading Auditors in Dubai
As one of the leading chartered accountant firms in UAE and being a certified internal auditor, we have more than 20 years of experience in various fields including audit and assurance, trademark registration in UAE and deregistration of company, while being a certified fraud examiner and auditors for owners association in Dubai and doing developers audit in Dubai as well.

We have served various companies under different sectors regulated by the Dubai Economic Department (DED) from the mainland to the free zones, namely JAFZA, DAFZA, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), Dubai Internet City, etc. Regardless if it’s a JAFZA offshore company or any other offshore company established in the UAE, we can aid you in ensuring that you are assured with the correctness of your financial matters with our quality audit and assurance service as we are one of the top audit firms in Dubai with a number of the best auditors in Dubai to give you guidance and support.

What is Our Auditing Standards?
As most of the audit firms in UAE, we are following the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a set of accounting standards that are constructed by a non-profit organization named as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). It is a known accounting or auditing standard worldwide, being used by companies and becoming a standard global standard.

List of Financial Statements used in Auditing of company accounts below and their definitions:

  1. Financial Statement Audit :
    The review of a company’s financial statements for the organization to have an assurance coming from an external auditor that the financial statements are in accordance with accounting standards.
  2. Balance Sheet Audit :
    The information in a company’s balance sheet is examined to make sure that it is accurate, verifying each item that is recorded.
  3. Annual Report Audit:
    This is consisted of an external auditor’s opinions regarding the result of the examination of a company’s financial statements.
  4. Profit and Loss Statement Audit:
    The revenues and expenses recorded in the statement is reviewed to ensure the accuracy of each item.
    Cash Flow Statement Audit:
    The cash and cash equivalents indicated in the statement is investigated by an auditor, making sure it is precise.
  5. Statement of Changes in Equity Audit:
    An auditor analyses every entry of the movement in reserves that comprise the shareholders’ equity in this statement for the purpose of ensuring the correctness of it.
  6. Court Expert Witness:
    A person who is a specialist in a certain field/s, testifying based on his own opinions and analysis.
  7. Dispute Accounting Support:
    Someone who is an able to aid and an expert in legal matters with regard to disagreements or problems arising about accounting.
  8. Accounting Compliance and Reporting:
    Businesses are subject to compliance reporting requirements depending on their situations (preparation and lodgement of financial statements, income tax returns, business and instalment activity statements, fringe benefit tax returns, etc.)
  9. Financial Accounting Advisory:
    This is an accounting advice or support coming from a team in order to assist firms with regard to accounting standards and other important informations.