Road safety

Legal provisions

In the UAE, road injuries are one of the leading causes of death for children. Two out of every three fatally injured children die due to road traffic crashes.

The Executive Regulations of Federal Law No. 9 for the year 2011 concerning land transport states that land transport activity may not be practised before obtaining a licence from the respective authority.

Traffic police and road and transport authorities across the UAE play a major role in ensuring safety and traffic regulations and use smart technology to minimise traffic violations.

The UAE applies Federal Traffic Law No. 21 of 1995, as amended by Federal Law No. 12 of 2007 and the related executive regulations and ministerial resolutions in all aspects concerning traffic controls and violations in UAE.

It is mandatory to adhere to the speed limits set on highways, internal streets, and residential areas.

The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy in place regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. This act is punishable by law.

Talking on cell phone while driving is prohibited, as it may distract the driver and lead to serious accidents.

RTA recommends that drivers check their car tires pressure every couple of weeks to avoid potential harm.

The UAE has a system of black points leading to confiscation of the driver’s licence is in force to ensure adherence to traffic laws.

The system is based on a number of fixed points. The driver who violates traffic rules gets black points according to a specified schedule. The number of black points corresponds with the seriousness of the violation and it is counted from the date of violation.

For more information, refer to the Black points’ law.


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