Liquidation of Companies and projects

Company liquidation can occur voluntarily or by court order where it has been established the company is unable to pay its debts as they fall due.A liquidator is appointed to investigate the company’s financial affairs, establish causes of failure, investigate possible offences, and identify and sell assets for the benefit of creditors.  Usually a private sector liquidator (such as a chartered accountant) will be appointed as liquidator.  However, where the company is put into liquidation by court order the Official Assignee may be appointed liquidator. We have a team of highly experienced practitioners who regularly work on various types of liquidations.

We are one of the leading liquidators in Dubai with a wide experience in the field. We have done a lot of business liquidations in the past, guiding business people step-by-step with the company liquidation process.

We have an in-house liquidator regulated by the Courts in Dubai, UAE and the DIFC authorities in Dubai. The liquidation and deregistration of company proceedings, especially the physical part, can be very complicated and lengthy. We at ATM ReemAlnuaimi Auditing can deregister your company in a smooth manner within a short period of time.